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What Does Love Look Like?

Portable Testimony Service: What Does Love Look Like? takes the words of young people who are looked after in the UK social care system, and the professionals around them, directly to an audience of social workers, carers, family and peers.

Our research team is made up of young people, researchers and peer mentors: the majority have experience of the social care system.  The team has been conducting interviews with those involved in social care in all roles, at all levels.  Sections of these interviews are selected and edited together into an audio file: with an earpiece in their ear, each performer will relay the exact words of the interviewee to the audience.

The research team have performed for the last three years as part of the Care Week conference at City Hall (GLA) with the Peer Outreach team.

There were also two performances to a public audience as part of the InsideOut festival, at Barts Pathology Museum on Thursday 22 October 2015.