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TVF works with social work professionals from across the UK, supporting them in finding ways to strengthen their work with young people and helping them to plan for the future.
Using performance, we share young people’s testimonies about being in care at training sessions, meetings and conferences. At one event in Wandsworth Town Hall we performed our testimonies for staff from Wandsworth Children’s Services. Afterwards, the young people led a discussion with the adults about their experience of care.

“And then they’re saying I’ve got to do all this paperwork, but paperwork’s not gonna save that kid. The kid’s on the bridge and they’re about to jump. What are you gonna do, grab all you papers?”
Nick, care leaver, 2018

“I want to be the person that shapes people’s lives the way that my foster carer and support worker have shaped mine… I’ve made some wrong decisions, but everything that I do from now on is for me to better my future… I’m not that timid, scared, fragile person that I was when I went into care. It’s because of that support I am a strong independent care leaver, and I have the whole world at my feet.”
Huda, 18 years old, care leaver, 2017

In 2017, The Verbatim Formula won the QMUL Centre for Public Engagement Award for Influence.

If you want to share your own testimony or to discuss helping you and your colleagues work with young people to provide a better service please get in touch.